I completed my PhD at the Chair of Econometrics (under Prof. Dr. Kukuk) with „summa cum laude“ in 2017. Currently, I work as Assistant Professor at the Chair of Product-Market Relations at the University of Twente, the Netherlands. My research focuses on structural equation modeling (SEM) and particularly on exploiting the untapped potential of composites in this context. Research outcomes include my developments Confirmatory Composite Analysis, the Henseler-Ogasawara specification, and the HTMT2. I am also an expert in partial least squares path modeling (PLS-PM), a widely used estimator for structural equation models. I have contributed several developments to PLS-PM such OrdPLSc and robustPLSc, and offered several workshops on its use.

Making my research openly available is an important issue to me. Therefore, I have developed the R package cSEM, which allows researchers to perform PLS in R. For more information, see my GitHub profile and the Open Science Framework.

Apart from my research activities,  I am also a passionate and enthusiastic teacher. I am currently coordinating and teaching various courses on quantitative research methods at the University of Twente.

Moreover, In 2022 I decided to take a more active role in the Open Science movement and have became coordinator of the Open Science Community Twente. Looking forward to seeing you at one of our future events. 


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Chair of Product-Market Relations
Department of Design, Production and Management
Faculty of Engineering Technology
University of Twente
Drienerlolaan 5
7522 NB Enschede
The Netherlands